Our Sunday worship service is the central focus of our life together as a Christian community. There we connect with the worshiping saints of the past and the future in the liturgy; we hear counsel and story from God’s word; we sing hymns of meaningful poetry and stirring melody both old and new; we hear God’s word applied to our lives in the homily; we pray together for the world, our community, and each other; and we recount and participate in the death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection, in the Eucharist. We come to praise God; we leave refreshed for service in God’s world.

We use a variety of musical setting for our liturgy which lay assistants, both male and female, help lead.

We celebrate the life of Christ through the church year from Advent through Easter and the Spirit’s work in life and faith from Pentecost until Advent. Special worship opportunities are offered on the major festivals of the church year which do not fall on Sunday: Christmas, Epiphany (the visit of the Magi), and Ascension. We prepare for the Christmas festival and Passion Week observance with Wednesday evening meditations during Advent and Lent.