Bible Study Opportunities


The Sunday morning Bible study group meets after the 9:00am worship service. An open discussion of the homily (sermon) is encouraged, particularly reflections on how the message applies to the lives of the people in the class. The class is led by the pastor.

 MONDAY MORNINGS, 10:30am (Will start up again in August 2021)

The Bible study group, which consists mainly of our caretaker residents, meets on Monday mornings and discusses biblical texts. Those in the class speak freely of their ideas regarding the content of the reading, expressing various ideas as to how the biblical text impacts them. The discussion is guided by Pastor Abraham. A light “breakfast” is provided and eaten during the class discussion.

 TUESDAY AFTERNOONS, 2:30pm (Will start up again in August 2021)

The Tuesday afternoon class offers an in-depth study of the sermon text for the upcoming Sunday. Historical background, theological framework, and original language usage form the framework of the discussion. After analyzing the text, participants make application of the text to their lives and the church’s ministry within our society. The class is led by Pastor Abraham.


Confirmation class for those in 6th-8th grade is held on an irregular schedule.  Contact the office for more information.